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This page will be updated as new audio samples or photos are created. This will usually be done when a new module is created, and will be a bit of an audiolog/photo log.


Update 05.18.2005

I know that it's been a huge span of time since I updated this site, but I figure that it's a small price to pay for updating the synthesizer itself.

I have neglected my duties as a member of Synth DIY by not giving credit where credit was due. Yves Usson deserves a huge thank you for keeping me heading in the right direction on my build of his classic VCA module. I was struggling, because I finally decided on his circuit as my first VCA, and then suddenly his site was no longer available to me. He sent every bit of information about this VCA, even specifics about modifications. With his great assistance, I ended up with a killer VCA. Thanks Yves!!!

Obviously in this amount of time, a VCA is not all that I've done. My newest modules are great, but I'm going to wait until I can post audio and pictures, before I explain these new modules.

I even have a couple of my own design in the works, finally something to contribute!!!

Audio: Coming Soon!

Update 01.31.2005

I Worked all day today on completing some modules, and getting them safely mounted in their home. I have some really bad grainy pictures for now, but I can't resist posting them (Click the thumbnails for the whole photo). I'll get some sound on here to, why not?

Front Panel of Modules
The Modules in Their Case


The modules from left to right are; Power supply/utility panel, VCO/Signal/LFO source, Envelope follower, MS-20 clone LP/HP filter with Modulating LFO's.

You can slightly see the rails that I made today to mount the modules on. I'm pretty proud of the mounting, it should be fairly sturdy.

More to come...

Okay, now the audio is up. Both of these clips were just me twiddling knobs with the synth patched the way it was in the photos. I felt noisy, but didn't use my noise source... : )



160Kbps MP3

160Kbps MP3

Update 01.24.2005

Been busy on this synth! The sequencer has been set aside, pending better design, construction, and partS. A new signal source module is finished and thoroughly tested. A new VCO and VCA are in troubleshooting right now. AND I cut panels for several of these modules today, only drilling remains for them. It's an exciting time!

Audio: Coming Soon!
Update 12.31.2004

Two modules have been added in the past couple of weeks. The first is an Envelope follower modified from a Delton T. Horn Design. The second is an Eight Step CV sequencer based around a 4017 decade counter. The sequencer still has some troubleshooting left, but is demonstrated in 4 step mode in the audio to the right. The sequencer is being clocked by a VCLFO, which is modulated by a ramp LFO. The sequencer is controlling the VCO, which is fed to the MS20 VCF. The drums are from my zoom RT123, and I just liked how the clip sounded.


160Kbps MP3

Update 12.16.2004
finished my Korg ms-20 filter clone yesterday. This filter is based on the circuits depicted here and here. Thank you rene and Jorge. I really love the resonance on this filter, and the whole sound just seems to be set apart from many other filters. This sounds sample demonstrates the 4069 vco, as well as two LFO's which are part of the MS-20 filter "super module".


160Kbps MP3

Previous Updates

The modular is finally getting started. A linear version of Rene's VCO 3 is in a usable state now. This circuit is the one depicted here. Thank you Scott Gravenhorst and Rene Schmitz for giving this circuit to the world!

While waiting to get parts for my mostly finished +/-15V regulated power supply, I decided to make a +/-12V supply, so that I can get to work on some modules. It may not be the best decision, but I'm doing my best to keep in mind that 15V supply while building.