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Update 02.02.2006 The CD's have arrived, and they are being shipped to those who pre-ordered. The discs turned out very cool, and they were definitely worth waiting for.

Update 01.18.2006 As many already know, there were some problems in shipping the first run of Noise and Toys. The second run is now on its way to We Are Records, so the time is near that the compilation will be truly available to all who want it! Unless something unforeseen happens (again!), the CD's will be shipping within a week! Please visit our online store if you would like to purchase a copy of this great disc.

Update 10.05.2005 We have Just uploaded a 3 1/2 minute promo montage which showcases the tracks which are available on the Noise and Toys Volume One Compilation CD. You can find the files right here:

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Update 09.25.2005 Finally, the time has come to get this compilation released. We Are Records is officially accepting pre-orders for the noise and Toys Volume 1 Compilation. All pre-orders must be received through pay pal or by other accepted payment methods no later than October 9, 2005. Please Visit our online store to order this CD. Artists, please follow the directions in the email you were sent when making pre-orders. To all others, please support these independent musicians by grabbing your own copy! All proceeds from this compilation will be returned to the artists involved as royalties, so you will be making a strong statement by purchasing this compilation.

Here is a look at the cover of this inspiring and sometimes extreme collection of audio. Please click the thumbnail to see a large version of the image.

I have also updated the links section with the web page of every artist on the compilation, save for the few who lack web space. Please take time to visit these fine locations.

Update 03.26.2005 The track list is now posted! Hearing this selection through a few times has really convinced me that this is going to be a great disc. A big thank you to everyone who contributed material to the compilation. Keep checking this site for news relating to the release of the disc.

Update 02.12.2005 Working on the new page. The page entitled "track list" will house the track list (surprise, surprise), and the list itself will follow soon. Please keep checking here for updates. Early listening consistently proves that this it an exciting group of musicians which has gathered to contribute to this compilation!

Update 01.10.2005 As many of you already know, the submission deadline has come and gone. Entries are being given multiple listens to help make those tough decisions.

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