Love Beth Drew

I am an Artist. This is some of my Art.

An (*) indicates something I took a photo of recently. Got boxes of this shit.


* Mourning at the Grave of Communication
If It's Wrong I Don't Want To Be Right
The Footstool
As In The Box (for jack)
Child Abuse
Another Person's Room (for nihlost)
Mayb We Should Have Started With The Women
Just Pick One
The Scissors
She Used To Be Such A Nice Girl
Flowers For The Living Ophelia
To Pan In The Fields At Play, To Flora Queen Of The May
Sacred Movement Temple
Dream Journal
The Temple
Preparing The Temple
Tea Party At The Chateau Of Madness
Life is a Circle, Not a Line
They Keep Trying To Take It Away
Like Poppies, Heavy With Seed


* Born in the Year of the Snake
* Mora
* What I Am Good For
Traveling Demon Salesman
Chinese Long Sleeve Dancer
Light And Shade
Hapless, Helpless, Hopeless
Self Portrait As A Zebra
Portait of John Schultz
Heart Of The Heart
The Disease
Fifteen Minutes With The Bluebird Of Happiness
Grey Hearted Muse
My Lover As A Lion
Mental Clarity
It's A Sign
Illustraition For A Children's Story
Woman With 3 Sons (for mom)
And The Sky And The Sea
Lover Of Winds
No Barriers (Phil The Void)
Flowers In The City
Patrick's Wild Daisies
What Was Left After The War
The Golden Thread
The Orange Picker
The Gene
* Equal Opportunity II
* Feel


Curator Herbrant #1
Curator Herbrant #2
Curator Herbrant #2.5
Curator Herbrant #3
Curator Herbrant #4
eighty milligrams
eighty milligrams 2
The Evil Eye issues 1-7
The Evil Eye Compilation
She Used To Be Such A Nice Girl (Poetry Zine #1)
Stabilized Words (Poetry Zine #2)
Disturbing Hate Poems (Poetry Zine #3)
Duende (Poetry Zine #4)


One: The Magician
Fifteen: The Demon
King Of Cups
Page Of Cups
Hand of Fatima Patch
Out Of Mind
This is a doorknob in my house
This is a tree in a park
Blue Daisy At Night
Self-portrait 2
Self-portrait 3
Another Journal
Portrait of Jered Rosemount

All images and artwork are owned by Love Beth Drew. Please ask before using. Thanks.
I can be reached at: lbdATwearerecordsDOTcom


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