As the main side project of Pat Kammerer and Love Drew,
Iris-T-Shirt is currently in indefinite gestation, with the eventual promise of rebirth.

Being cited as "heavy on the bass and guitar" Iris-T-Shirt play what we want, how we can, with what we have available at the time. Whether that be simple acoustic bass and guitar, or vintage synthesizers, drum machines and custom-made instruments.

In 2001 Iris-T-Shirt released a limited edition cassette titled
What We Got Out of College.

In 2002 we independently recorded and distributed a full-length CD titled Impersonal Art Protection Sleeve.

ITS played a live show for Halloween 2002, where we shared the stage with a puppet show and a progressive rock band. We played along with 4-track backing, switching frantically between instruments for each song. With a blend of performance art, poetry, and improvisational noise, our show ended with the crackhead manager lowering the curtain on us in a fit of inebriated confusion , while the crowd huddled around, peering behind the rustling curtain.

At the time we took ITS very seriously. Now we don't take hardly anything seriously. We think it was fun. We might do it again if we could find some motivation.

You can download our album from the capitalist market.


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