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The Evil Eye
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Issue #1: Inspiration
Issue #2: Experience
Issue #3: Distortion
Issue #4: Transience
Issue #5: Fascination
Issue #6: Observation

Issue #7: Creation

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Issue #7: Creation

Issue #7 covers
Front Covers

Title Page
Prose-Poem: And What Does That Make You Then?*
"...I want to tell you everything I ever wanted and never received and have you fulfill their prophecies. I want to ruin you in small increments with powdered sugar deceits..."

Tribute to the Goddess Flora

sample page:   Tribute to the Goddess Flora

Blank Page
To My Polaroid Camera

and away we go...*

sample page:  and away we goo\...

Advert for a Muse*
Memoir: Hodgepodge
Four Pieces of Art, Four Pieces of Myself
Essay: Spontaneous Art
Essay: What Is Art?
"If you get to thinking about it, yes, it would seem like an existential question. One might as well ask, 'What Is God?' or 'Is There A Soul?' And indeed, all three questions seem mysteriously linked..."

Prose-Poem: Appendage Apprentice
"...There are no appendages left to long for when labor has been lost to such an act of passion. The sighs heard from the once again useless rustle the branches of the trees like wind..."

Review: Music: PJ Harvey
Review: Book: The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine Aron
Review: Film: 'The Shape of Things'

Issue #6: Observation

Issue #6 cover
Front Cover

"...It's about conclusions that I have drawn from watching the world around me; a world that I can not deny that I am part of, but from which I feel constantly alienated and apart..."

Title Page
For Tomorrow's People

sample page:  for tomorrow's people

XXX Adult*
Prose-Poem: "Five Agujas"
Memoir: This is my Plan
Essay: The Tribe Mentality

sample page:  the tribe mentality

Essay: Changing Your Dreaming*
A Page of Quotes*
Memoir: Go Vegan!
"...I was sick of feeling like shit, so I searched for a better way. And this is what I found..."

Tips on Veganism
Memoir: Live Music (intro)
Memoir: Muse Concert

Memoir: Skinny Puppy Concert
"...There was so much going on, so much performance art and a movie and TVs... They are so amazing..."

Shameless self-promotion*

Issue #5: Fascination

Issue #5 cover
Front Cover

Title Page
Poem: "Window To A Soul"
Diary Selection Intro
Diary Selection #1*
Diary Selection #2
Diary Selection #3
"...I am walking around inside myself, trying to crane my neck to an angle to let me see the middle of my back in a room full of blackened mirrors. Giving away power like bits of soggy candy..."

Diary Selection #4
Poem: "Drugs Are Bad. Right?" *

"sample page:  drugs are bad, right?

Piano Solos*
"... He slams his palms into his docile plastic slave and forces indescribable sounds from its inner workings. Watching talent manifest itself this way is like looking into the face of some god..."


sample page:  hands

Poem: "listen" (for Ian Curtis and Joy Division)
Quote by Franz Kafka
Letter: Dear Sir/ Madame*
Artwork: Gravestones

"...Bursting out of the tree of knowledge yet coiled like a snake, you tempt and you offer, but what you offer isn't exactly clear, and you refuse to take any responsibility for your mistakes..."

Letter: Dearest Muse
Indirect Contributions
My Loves

Issue #4: Transience

Issue #4 cover
Front Cover

Title Page
The 100 (things about me)
Ingredients for Renewal

sample page:  ingredients for renewal

Memoir: Kamikaze Dive
Essay: It Was a Dream
"...Black swirling clouds and lightning on one side of the highway, while on the other it was nothing but puffy clouds and blue skies. Following old Route 66, which is now little more than a foot trail in some spots..."

Diary Selection: "Purge"

sample page:  purge

Correspondence Course*
"There's something gratifying in the sensuality of a letter. The ability to discern how you felt by the slant of your handwriting. The texture of the paper. The yellowed postage glue..."

Prose-poem: "Communal Gardens"
Memoir: the Mudpie Vegetarian Restaurant
Tarot + Tarot Spread
Prose-poem: "Card 6: Love"

"There's something wrong with my heart...When dead, and my organ rests on the golden scale, balanced precariously next to the feather of truth, it will suddenly slope downwards, and get gobbled up by the alligator-headed god. There is not Ma'at in my lifestyle..."

Prose-poem: "surge"*
Interview by Danielle Baldyga  

Issue #3: Distortion

Issue #3 cover

Title Page
Prose-poem: "skin"*
Prose-poem: "Heart-breaker"
Memoir: Shaving my head
Prose-poem: "your level"

sample page:  your level

Prose-poem: "Duties of a Husbandless Wife"
"They spit out the word. "Immature." As if it were the greatest of insults. Time is slowing down until it goes backwards and regression becomes the fatal flaw in humanity..."

Map of Your Soul
"...The scars on your skin tell stories. Self-inflicted or accidental, when you trace them with your fingers, you are tracing back to a time when your body, your canvas, was empty..."

Essay: BDSM (bondage discipline sadomasochism)
Attack of the Stereotypes (A visit from the Bigot Fairy)*
Artwork: Freakshow
How to Be A Boy in 5 Easy steps
Poem: "My Life As A Boy"

sample page:  my life as a boy

Artwork: The Rising Cost of Dating
Essay: Bearing (only) Their Souls
Essay: To Be An Ugly Stepsister
"...I could have been ugly and proud. But now I'm just ugly. Those parts I discarded to fit in, they were the best parts, this I know. And now I'm just left with the parts that yearn to be what I can not be..."

Prose Poem: "snow white got nothin' on me"*
Safety Test*
Artwork: I Look Different With Makeup On

Issue #2: Experience

Issue #2 cover
Front Cover

Title Page
A Birthchart
Prose-poem: "This is a Eulogy"
"...this is a eulogy. This is an ending and a beginning. This is how it is, will be, is. This is not a poem here for amusement. This is fucking serious."

Memoir: Only a Movie
Memoir: Anti-Venom*
Memoir: I have this on tape*
"...I just wanted to sit in a darkened room all day hearing: Church in Hell. Assimilate. Last Rights."

Record of Dreams
The Ugly Truth
Memoir: Perspective Timeline

sample page:  perspective timeline

Prose-poem: "The Other One"
"Too hard to explain how it feels unless you've felt it. The stinging inside, needles pushed through pores inside out and outside in. Sitting in the filth of someone else's infection..."

Prose-poem: "Eyelids"*

sample page:  eyelids

Short Story: "Head Trip"
Short Story: "The LA Lock"
Soundtrack for Experience

Issue #1: Inspiration

Issue #1 cover
Front Cover

"'s about the spark of creativity that no artist can do without. It's about art. It's about what inspires me as an artist. It's about the stereotypical roles of inspiration being acted out in the art world, and the deeper meaning behind the concept of the Muse."

Title Page
Tribute to Franz Kafka
Prose-poem: "To My Muse"*
Essay: Object of Destruction: The Purpose of the Muse in Art*

sample page: object of destruction

Prose-poem: "My Vice of Many"*
Prose-poem: "Stimulation"
"...I'm caged and I'm wild and I am dark, dark, darker still. A negative image of all you hold."

One Words*
Prose-poem: "Mexico"*

sample page:  mexico

Essay: Eat Me
Essay: Like a Dog in the Street
"...some people it seems can go through their entire lives not creating anything but more humans, garbage, and pain. While, if you look at that as some sort of really sick and grotesque performance art, it's not really what I think a society should aspire to."

Review: Music: Muse
Review: Books: by Michael Redhill
Review: Film: 'Hour of the Wolf'