eighty milligrams
[premiere issue]
Zine By Love Beth Drew

eighty milligrams

::: Addictions :::
3 (fictional?) stories of use turned to abuse

I knew I shouldn’t have cut through the alley. Besides the rancid smells of dumpsters and fry-vat ventilators, there was Sid, who made a living as he hid behind the giant fenced in transformer. As his last customer left, I passed by, and he said hi. Real casual like, but he knew just by my stride that he was going to have a good day. At first I refused, but we both knew it was just a courtesy...

Drugs Tomorrow

::: Case History :::
Tales from past demons

...I don't have an underground subculture to mesh myself into, no matter what you may think of me. You are wrong. I am alone. I can not slither into the dark abyss of the underground to escape the mockery and taunts from the waking world, because I am not welcomed there any more than I am in the offices. I don't have the proper uniform, no matter what brigade I am following, and so I glide purposelessly from person to person, group to group...

Suicide is Painless
Mr. King
Being a Plus Size Woman

::: Not Otherwise Specified :::
Present day personality, disorder, and dreams

Illustration by John Schultz

Suddenly, you're a gondolier!
Is This All I am?
The Symbol and the Real
Love is...
A Four-letter Word
Have you had any recurring dreams?
Illustration by John Schultz
Patience vs. Laziness

::: Phone Calls From The Dead :::
Where the past returns with a vengeance

Sample Spread

Email From Theresa

::: Eighty Milligrams :::
A personal zine unlike any other

I’ve read several theories that a segmentation process is what living is about. You start off whole, then you’re born into the world. Then your soul-pieces get segmented after events in life that leave an impact, and eventually you’re walking around just a part of a whole. It’s our duty, our mission, our meaning in life, to reclaim those pieces of ourselves from the people whom we allowed to take them. And if we die before we get those pieces back, get those matters resolved, then it’s just more work that we have to do later...

From point A to point B
Corrugated Soul-piece Thief