Curator Herbrant

Issue #3

Curator Herbrant #3

Turning Souls Inside Out
...I’m learning to finally let go; to let the past lie, but now I have become obsessed with building a better future. I hope to sometime soon learn to live in the right now. I’ll start on that tomorrow...

Journal Entry: Black Glob Monsters
Article: "And I Quote"
Article: "Artistic Influences"
...Painting is my art medium of choice. It’s not what I’m best suited for, but it’s what I enjoy the most. Aside from music, it’s the form of art that moves me the most, gets me in the space between my ribs and my organs and stabs its symbolic knife right into my heart...

I wonder what happens to those pieces of yourself you give to someone after they decide they want nothing to do with you? How long does it take them to stop having any sort of feeling for you when they see something in their life that you gave them, made for them, or somehow are connected to? If you gave someone a recipe, and they used it often, would they stop now and then and remember when you were friends and how they got the recipe in the first place? Would they stop and think about how things all got connected, try to think back to how they met you in the first place; remember how everything blew up in your face? Would they be sad? Would the food take on the sadness? Really, what happens to other people when you are not there? Eventually we all disappear, person by person, day by day. If after you died, if someone were to go around collecting those pieces of you that you let others take, could you be resurrected like Osiris?

Article: "Survival Is My Victory"
Card Zero
All my insecurities, I had to face them, but I did so with a two-faced smile. All my weaknesses, I had to set up meetings with them too, only I showed up late and went home early; nothing got accomplished. All my faults and my fears and my ways of life had to be reconciled at closing, but I forgot to bring my cashier’s check. My repressed fantasies and my sensitive skin make for one complex combination of sin.

Short Story: "On A Bus (for Theresa)"
Tips For Preparing to Live Car-free
Article: "And Then REALLY Living Car-free"
Article: "Rochester, MN & The Roch Top 5"
On turning 30

Journal Entry: Mystery Gets Me Off
...I have to admit that I love the stereotypes, the work ethics, the caveman persona. Opening pickle jars and hammering nails. I love men’s neediness, their urgency, their unapologetic lust and charming confusion. I love how it’s a mystery to me quite how it feels for them, quite what it’s like. And obviously it’s mystery that gets me off...

Journal Entry: Musings
"Oranges and Lemons Mix"
All those mix CDs, they won’t tell you about me. The zines and the postcards, they just paint an incomplete picture. I don’t even understand the thoughts in my own mind, and why they make me react the way I do yet I’ve also given up trying to find someone who is a better thought to action interpreter than myself. I’d fish through my intestines and find my sunken heart, wrap it in paper and send it your way, if I could. If I could understand what is really going on.

Gallery (inspiration for issue #3)
End Quote
"You first must be who you really are, then, do what you need to do, in order to have what you want."
--Margaret Young