Curator Herbrant

Issue #2.5

Curator Herbrant #2.5

Turning Souls Inside Out

This zine is mostly compiled journal entries, revolving around the loss of my Muse, which has triggered thoughts on the loss of everyone else I know.

I. "Life During Wartime"
II. Casualties

...Everyone I used to love, and be close with, has abandoned their dreams and sold out to an ideal lifestyle. Of course they haven’t quite achieved it yet, but they’re willing to sell out their dreams for even just the possibility of perfection...Everyone I once considered my good friend has turned into a corporate money-hungry zombie.

III. "The Amerikan Dis-ease"
IV. "Define Relationship"

Sample pages:  Intermission

V. "Requiem for a Dream"

...It’s like he’s dull and ugly. Everything I really liked about him has disappeared. His silver aura has dissipated to a dull grey haze. Partly cloudy with a chance of overdose.

VI. All’s Well That Ends

Sample Pages:  All's Well That Ends

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