Curator Herbrant

Issue #2

Curator Herbrant #2

Turning Souls Inside Out
Vegan Devil’s Food cake recipe
Journal Entries: Quarry Hill Park
...I thought about many unacceptable things while on the ‘hill of course. I feel free to let whatever thoughts come and go through my mind when I’m there. Walking Meditation. Instead of trying to separate myself from this world, I immerse myself in it...

Journal Entry: "Monsters Like This"

Sample Pages: Monsters Like This

Original Drawing
Article: My Obsession With Pee-Wee’s Playhouse
When watching the shows back to back in such a short amount of time, it was easy to watch them evolve. Pee-Wee started out as an innocent little man-boy, but by the second season, he started to get a slight attitude, talking back to people and throwing fits, and by the end of the third season, he was downright mischievous and rude. But he was always Pee-Wee, and he was always there for his friends when it mattered most. He also was there for the kids. He always had good lessons to teach them, and his snack times were awesome. He loved to eat fruit and veggies, and he loved to share. He taught them how to use their imagination and make their own toys, and of course, he taught them words. And how to scream… real… loud!

Playhouse Trivia
A list of Happy Things
my guinea pigs, painting, getting unexpected letters and emails, perfect avocadoes, bittersweet chocolate, adapting a recipe to being vegan and having it turn out great, light snowfall, oak trees, hiking at quarry hill park, completing a long-standing project, thinking up new projects, dancing to Bauhaus, Trent Reznor's voice, any performance by Gary Oldman, mineral water, selling a zine, flipping through home décor/ DIY magazines, taking a much needed nap, smoking a Djarum Coklat cigarette, watching a favorite movie, people remembering my birthday without props, being called inspiring, the swirls of soymilk in a homemade cup of cocoa, writing a poem, a bubblebath in a clean tub, hearing people speak or sing in Romanian, daydreaming about an Eastern European vacation, planning my dream home, having an entire day to myself, cardigan sweaters, art therapy, erotic daydreams, foreign stamps, Franz Kafka and his diaries, books by Alice Hoffman and Michael Redhill, online journals, dusk, wildflowers growing in the city, decorating postal mail for a friend, love letters, modifying clothing, miniskirts, legwarmers, roses, non-generic people, genuine concern, angry music, stained glass windows, chest hair, windchimes, opportunities you can't pass up, the word "man-whore," my digital camera, art cars, semi-precious stones, finding treasure on the street, gel pens that don't get clogged, gardening, organic produce, women who don't shave, vintage freakshow photographs and stories, stupid corporate slogans used out of context, mosaics, sidewalk chalk, sharp scissors, good hair days, clean sheets, rosewater, orgasms, honest smiles, road trips, cloudy days, cool nights, dark hair, starry eyes, the Minneapolis Museum of Art, the public library, 45 RPM singles, inspiration, hardwood floors, vocation artists, homemade buttons, self-portraits, pianos, electrical tape, all things flamenco, overstuffed chairs, electrical tape, swingsets, old architecture, murals, cemeteries, lawn gnomes.

Article: "Bees are your friend!"
Short Story: "A Killing Frost"

Sample Pages: A Killing Frost

Article: "String Green Stripes"
..Living the way you were brought up. Living by tradition and expectations makes you a good person. Getting married makes you a good person. But, it’s only just one step. I am nowhere near completion. I don’t have the sofa with the string green stripe pattern. I actually don’t even have a sofa...

Gallery (inspiration for issue #2)
End Quote
"The wildness of our soul is the part that will not be pacified...She lives on truth, both dark and light. Only sedated will she cease to itch and twist inside us, and to most of us, sedation is the easiest way. Yet here is our creativity, in its most raw and pure form."
--Emma Restall Orr