Noise and Toys Volume 1/We Are Records Circuit Bent Compilation Submission Form


Each of the undersigned (each an Artist and collectively the Artists ) agrees as follows:


I hereby submit to We Are Records, a recording of the musical composition as entitled and designated above as songs submitted (each a Song and collectively the Songs ) for consideration by you for inclusion in a We Are Records compilation album (a Compilation ). I understand and acknowledge that you are not obligated to use any of the Songs in any way or return the recordings of any of the Songs to me.


If you select a Song for inclusion on a Compilation, I hereby grant you the perpetual, non-exclusive right and license to use such Song in a Compilation throughout the universe in any format or medium, and in accordance with such additional terms as may hereafter be negotiated between you and me in good faith and reduced to a writing signed by each of us.  I agree that I have read the official rules of this compilation release.


I represent and warrant that I am at least 18 years of age (or have obtained a permission and signature from my parent or guardian, that each Song is an original work of the Artists, that the Artists collectively own, hold or control all rights, title and interests in and to each Song (including all copyright interests therein) and that use of any of the Songs does not and will not infringe upon the rights, title or interests of any other person or party. If I am a member of a band and am the only Artist executing this agreement, I represent and warrant that I have the requisite authority (i) to submit each Song on behalf of the other Artists and (ii) to execute this Agreement on behalf of the other Artists. I have no knowledge of any claim or purported claim that would interfere with your rights to use any of the Songs or create any liability on your part for such use.


Finally, I agree to indemnify and hold harmless you, your owners, agents, employees, officers, directors and all other persons or entities acting on your behalf for and from any and all claims, actions, damages, liability, costs or expenses and attorneys fees which are related to, arise from or are in any way connected with either your use of any of the Songs or any claim which is inconsistent with any of the representations or warranties made by me in this agreement. By signing this form, you the Artist, affirm that We Are Records can in no way be held responsible for the use of sampled or unoriginal materials possibly found in your recording.

This agreement sets forth the entire understanding between you and me with respect to each Song and no amendment or modification of this agreement shall be binding on you or me unless it is signed by each of us.


Signed (Artist): ___________________________________________________


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Songs Submitted:

1. __________________________________________________________


2. __________________________________________________________


3. __________________________________________________________


4. __________________________________________________________


5. __________________________________________________________


6. __________________________________________________________



I, the parent or guardian of the above signed artist hereby declare that I have read this agreement, and will permit the above signed to enter a submission.  I know that this contract is legally binding on me, and that all sections of this agreement apply.  If I have questions, I have referred to the official rules, or have contacted the creators of this


By (Artists parent or guardian):_________________________________________




' Copyright 2004 We Are Records All Rights Reserved




Noise and Toys Volume 1 Submission

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