Noise and Toys Volume 1 Compilation Official Rules


We Are Records is proud to announce a new circuit bent artist compilation CD, which happens to be the first compilation released on the label.  This CD is scheduled for release in early 2005.  It is intended to showcase the talent of some artists that are involved in online communities devoted to circuit bending, as well as to showcase the art of circuit bending itself.  To enter, please read the following rules and guidelines, and thoroughly fill out the submission form. The submission form is available at


Who Is Eligible?

a) To be eligible, the entrant or someone in the group represented by the entrant must circuit bend instrument(s), and perform or record music with these instrument(s).

b) Any recording artist/band that is not currently under contract with a record company.

c) Artists/bands signed to publishing deals but who do not have recording contracts will also be accepted.

d) All music submitted must be 100% owned and copyrighted to entrant and master rights to the sound recording must be 100% controlled by the entrant. All submissions must be entrant's original work. Any song containing any "Samples" will be automatically disqualified. No song previously recorded and released through national distribution in any country will be eligible.

e) All entrants must be eighteen (18) years of age or older at the time of submitting material, or include a signature from their parent or guardian on the submission form.

f) Artists/bands signed to independent record companies will not be accepted.


Entry Guidelines

Mail your submission form and one (1) audio CD to We Are Records. The audio file should be burnt as data on the disc as well as being an audio track. Please do not send compressed audio files. No cassette or mp3 submissions will be accepted.  We cannot secure a position on the CD until we receive an audio CD and the signed submission form, and so we are not accepting online submissions. 


Your submission may also include any biographical or song related information, as well as any artist or instrument photographs that you would like included in the liner notes or on related websites.  These may or may not be used, at We Are Records discretion, and the items will not be returned.  By submitting these you provide us license to use these items in whatever compilation related material that we se fit.


An artist/band may submit as many songs as they wish, but it must be kept in mind that due to the limited CD length, only one of these songs will be chosen for use in THIS volume. All songs submitted must be original compositions and limited to nine (9) minutes in length (to allow more artists to participate in this first volume). We accept and review all genres of music.


Writers retain all rights to their songs and lyrics. Submissions must not contain samples or other copyright infringing elements that require clearance


Only one (1) artist/band per submission. We Are Records will review the songs that you have clearly marked for review on the submission form. If you wish to submit additional artists/bands, a separate submission form is required.  Submissions do not guarantee inclusion on the compilation CD.


Due to the volume of submissions we receive, unfortunately We Are Records will not be able to provide "feedback" or "reviews" of individual submissions. CD's or other materials submitted to We Are Records for Noise and Toys Volume 1 will not be returned.


Submission Deadline

The submission deadline for Noise and Toys Volume 1/We Are Records Circuit Bent Compilation is November 26, 2004. Entries must be postmarked on or before November 26th in order to be eligible for consideration.




By submitting an entry(ies) , entrants agree to be bound by these rules and by the decisions of We Are Records, which are final in all matters relating to the project. Entrants hereby release and hold We Are Records and its sponsors harmless from any and all liabilities, actions, suits, claims and demands of any kind which may be connected in any way with this project, or that otherwise arise in any way in connection with this project and will indemnify We Are Records for any and all costs and expenses incurred in defending any rights or claims made regarding entrant. We Are Records can in no way be held responsible for the use of sampled or unoriginal materials possibly found in your recording.  All submissions constitute permission to use artist/band names, likeness and music for future publicity and advertising purposes without compensation. We Are Records makes no claims or guarantees of publication, recording, or other use of your material by any industry professionals.



All entrants chosen to be included on the CD will provide We Are Records with a royalty-free license to use the selected song(s) on a non-exclusive basis. Artists that are selected and appear on Noise and Toys Volume 1/We Are Records Circuit Bent Compilation will be paid mechanical royalties for the song that is included on the CD in the statutory amount of $.15 per copy sold. Royalties will not be paid on copies sold to the artists at cost plus shipping.  Royalties will be paid as each produced run of CDs sells out, or at the end of each year following the release date, if the first run has not sold out.  If there was more than one writer on the song, it will be the artist/band's obligation to disburse the mechanical royalties paid by We Are Records to the writers/publishers in the appropriate share(s). It is the artist's responsibility to register the songs with a tracking agency such as ASCAP or BMI to receive royalties for airplay.  Payment of all federal, state and local taxes is the sole responsibility of the winner.


Artists Rights

You will retain all rights to your songs/music/lyrics.



Those artists which are to be included on Noise and Toys Volume 1/We Are Records Circuit Bent Compilation CD will be notified within three(3) weeks of the submission deadline.


Communication regarding production of the CD, management of profits and taxes associated with it, and the running of the business to sell the CD will be conducted with good faith efforts but not legally guaranteed.  We Are Records will keep in contact with the participating musicians as well as possible, but no legally binding guarantee is made of notification from We Are Records to the musicians about any activities regarding the management of the CD. 


Notification of changes in contact information is the sole responsibility of the changing party.  Musicians must send and confirm changes in contact information to We Are Records if they wish to continue to receive communications about the project, and We Are Records will inform all participating musicians about any changes in their contact information.



Sample CD

Each artist the is included on Noise and Toys Volume 1 will receive one (1) copy of the CD at no charge.  Payment of all federal, state and local taxes is the sole responsibility of the winner.


CD Purchases

Each artist included on this compilation album will be eligible to buy unlimited copies at cost plus shipping and handling.  These will be available for purchase on a web page which will be created as completion of production nears, and payable by PayPal or by sending check, money order, or well concealed cash to the mailing address below.  The artists involved will be notified of cost, and the location of this web page, as production details become known.



Check out our frequently asked questions at If you still have additional questions, please send e-mail to


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